Monday, February 15, 2010

Hair loss = Hair implants?


hair plantation
If you are considering hair plantation, there is a number of factors that you should bear in mind. First of all hair plantation is a treatment, like all treatments in requires contacting a doctor, with whom, the whole process can be planned in close detail and later performed. Hair plantation is a hope for all those, who have lost their hair and their faith in getting it back. You will be able to look and feel great and build up your confidence. Gaining one’s hair back can have a great impact on the way a person does feel. All of this is possible thanks to hair plantation. You might have tried all wonder treatments, shampoos and maybe even some bizarre methods of restoring your hair, but none of them worked the way it was supposed to? In that case hair plantation may be the only thing that’s left for you.
Hair plantation will give you back your normal hair, it won’t fall it will have all the qualities of your normal hair that used to grow there. It will grow on its own and soon you will have to cut it, just as you did before your hair problems started. It is a one hundred percent secure method of getting back your lost hair. You will be able to grow normal strong and healthy hair as you did before it started to fall. Hair plantation will solve your problems, that couldn’t be treated in any other way. Therefore it is becoming more and more popular among those, who have lost hair and now are looking for a safe and good way of getting back their hair.
The surgery does not include performing of any pre-treatment. It’s a one day treatment, after which the patient is free to go home. Additionally there are is no age limit for this treatment, you can take it no matter how old you are. Of course the sooner you take the better for your looks and you want to look as good as possible.
The operation is performed by a team of highly trained doctors and medics, it usually takes about 4 to 5 hours. During that time approximately 2000 hairs are transplanted from the side and back of one’s head into the areas which are lacking them. In case of bigger scale hair plantation treatments, that include transplantation of bigger amounts of hair the time can extend even to 7 hours, however this happens rarely. In most cases the treatment shouldn’t be longer than the already mentioned 4-5 hours.
The hair plantation surgery is rather painless, although the patient can experience a little discomfort, however with a bit of time and a few painkillers this ceases to be an issue. While contacting a medical specialist before the treatment, you will be given detailed information on the type of anesthesia used and other issues involved with the treatment. The kind of facility in which the surgery shall be performed as well as the potential risk and cost involved with hair plantation.

There are different hair plantation techniques available to the patients. The most common are:

- Punch grafts
- Mini-grafts
- Micro-grafts
- Slit grafts
- Strip grafts
- Flaps
- Tissue expansion
- Scalp reduction
The last three techniques are used more often in case of bigger treatments, when the first might be less effective.
An important fact about hair plantation is that in order for a person to have it performed, a person has to still have some hair remaining. This is mostly at the back and sides of the head. Those will be the so called donor areas, from where the hair will transplanted. Transplantation does not affect the hair from the back and sides of the head in any way. It cannot make you lose more hair. There are no side effects of hair plantation, as well as there is no risk of taking it.
The biggest disadvantage of hair transplantation is the relatively high cost of this treatment. Therefore not everybody will be able to afford it. However is there really a price for happiness and feeling well? It might seem pricey but the comfort of having have instead of being bald seems to be more valuable than anything. Being confident and happy is something that is worth paying for.

Hair plantation brings better good effects, they become visible after 2-3 months since the transplantation.

You will have a 50% success rate after 6 month. You will see strong and healthy hair growing in places, where there was no hair at all. Usually it takes about two transplants in order to achieve the desired results. When used along with other specialized treatments it will make grow even stronger and healthier hair than after just a simple hair plantation process.


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