Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Aurislim Slimming Earring Review - Is this weight loss earring real or scam? part III


After 3 looooong months I finally updated my blog and this is a follow up on my aurislim review. If you already forgot, kindly check the previous posts for it.

I started using aurislim last march 22 of this year and today is june 23 and these are the results:

1. I lost a staggering 60+ lbs without changing my diet or increasing my exercise and activities
2. I felt better
3. My blood pressure normalizes (could be related to weight loss. 140/90 sometimes going dangerously higher before now 118/78)
4. I am sleeping 8 hours a day ever since I used this device.

This product is really wonderful and I am glad I tried it. Up to this day I am still using it. Below is my after picture.

The website claims are true and definitely this product is worth it. I guess the picture says it all.

I just want to warn people who will try to use aurislim not to drop the device. I accidentally dropped one pair and it has a crack. I ordered a new one around May. 


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