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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How to lose 50 pounds in three months


Nowadays there is a multitude of wonder diets

, methods, training regimes and other seemingly miraculous fat burning solutions. You might have come across some of them while reading your favorite newspaper or magazine on a Sunday morning, you might have also heard some stories from your friends. Anyway there is an almost endless number of diets available. It may seem almost impossible to find the right one for you. However, there is something that you can do even without having to stick to a specific dietary regime. As unbelievable as it may seem, you can get real results in loosing body fit with the use of ten simple golden rules! Yes, ten and only ten. They may seem to be a bit odd, but once you apply them, your life will never be the same. The rules are made in a way that allows them to be as practical as they can, they are supposed to set your mind on the goal so that the change can occur in what seems to be a nearly natural way.

Replace your old scale with a digital one!

The more accurate your scale is the sooner you will be able to see the first results. Digital scales usually offer better measurements, they can show you even the slightest changes in your weight. At the very beginning of your road to glory this has a great influence on you as it shows that what you do is actually working. Additionally modern digital scales offer a number of additional functions, the times when a scale was used only to measure one’s weight are long since gone.

Use your new scale every day!

Use your scale to measure your daily weight and be sure to note down the results. Seeing how your weight reduces will make you more determined to exercise, you will eat less and train more just to see how your weight changes on a daily basis. The more you train, the better results will be visible for you. When you use a scale that provides detailed measurements you can quickly learn how good your workout program is, even the smallest changes will not remain unnoticed.

Do not forger to drink water!

As we all know, water is the source of life. Our bodies are made of it in almost 60%! Drinking 8 glasses of water can make you feel less hungry, of course this cannot be scientifically proved in any way (however it could be great if somebody measured it). Nevertheless many people including me state, that if they drink 8 glasses of water a day, they do not feel as hungry as when they do not drink water at all. I would like you to try to drink 4 glasses of water when you are at work, from morning until afternoon and other four when you are back at home. Check for yourself if this works, anyway it cannot do you any harm.

Do not hide with your diet, tell the world about it!

The more people know about your diet plans, the more strength you will have to remain on it. Hiding your diet is a bad thing and not as easy as it may seem. Do not be ashamed, there is nothing bad in trying to improve your life. Go ahead, tell your friends, colleagues, family, girlfriend… You can always boast about your successes in losing weight and becoming a better looking man. You will also feel that you have made a public obligation, this will force you not to give up, you will have another reason to stay on the road.

Leave your diet when it’s weekend!

There is no use in constant tormenting your body with a diet, many modern diet advisors believe that a day off from your diet can be helpful. You should not cheat in real life, unless you are cheating on your diet. After a week of cautious eating, careful product picking you can have a day off. You can order a pizza, eat a big burger. Actually you can eat whatever you like. But only on the weekend. There is really nothing bad in it. Weekends are a time of charging up your batteries after a week of hard work. Having a diet may seem especially difficult during weekends. It could also lead to you becoming tired of your diet,

increasing the chances of dropping it at all.

Diet is not your whole world, do not make unnecessary sacrifices for it.
At times, it will be impossible to hold on to your diet. Sometimes you will not have access to healthy food or for example you will be having a dinner with your friends or colleagues. Do not try to force your diet at all times, instead if you cannot eat the way would like to at a given time, simply drop this day and make up for it during the weekend. Remember that diet cannot control your life all the time.

Small steps on the road to success.

Most diets will require you to make a revolution with the way you are eating. I do not necessarily believe that this is the right thing to do. Instead I would like to suggest you to introduce small changes in the way you are eating. Drop one unhealthy meal at a time. You can start by first replacing your favorite drink with its dietary equivalent. After you have done that, and got used with the new taste, you can do the same with another of your favorite drinks or meals.

Understand the importance of your diet.

Your diet is just a fraction in your life. It is a small elements, which usually won’t take more that 1% of your total life. Being aware of this could actually help you remain motivated since it show how small the diet time is when compared to your life as a whole.

Make a rational workout plan.

The way you are working out is very important, you have to rationalize the way you are working out so that you can get as much as possible out of it. You should estimate all the time you spend on additional activities, like watching TV for instance. A 30 minute long workout is only a small part of the whole day.
Now after losing weight, you should prepare a special step in order to stay with your desired weight.

Prepare an alert.

Now, when you are closer to obtaining your desired weight you should do as much as you can in order not to gain additional weight. You need to set a weight and swear an oath that you will never get beyond it no matter what. Whenever you get too close to it you will have to take some actions so that you won’t

Exceed it.

The above mentioned tips should be able to help you reduce your weight. You will be also available to find many good diets online. Try using your favorite search engine to find them. Searching for patents may bring curious results.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Asthmamist Review


Asthma a 21st century global health problem, is Asthmamist a solution ??.

Asthma is a serious problem for the present world. This disease comes from hyperactivity of bronchus which in turn leads to recurring attacks of breathlessness and cough, this happens especially at night or in the morning. Asthma can cause inflammation of your airways, which forces them to become narrower, which subsequently causes coughing. There are several reasons which cause asthma,  one of the reasons, that can cause this disease is for example the overall environmental pollution. However, there are also different factors such as smoking or having an unhealthy diet, which can become a source of problems with this disease. People who suffer from this disease, also suffer from sensing tightness in the chest area and tend to make wheezing sounds while breathing. People, who have asthma are known for using special inhalation medicines, which have to be prescribed by a doctor. Unfortunately, asthma cannot be fully cured, however the negative impact it has on our well being can be greatly reduced. It all depends on the use of proper specifics.

AsthmaMist – a perfect solution for all, who suffer from asthma

There is quite a number of medicines or specifics, that were designed in order to help people, who suffer from this debilitating disease. Some of them were more and some were less successful at doing this. We are talking about sprays which were inhaled as well as about the old fashioned medicines in the form of pills. The worst would happen if a medicine would cause side-effects, which were often a problem in case of anti-asthma medicines. If you are tired of asthma and you feel as if you have tried everything that is available to help you, furthermore, if you are afraid of unexpected and often very negative side effects, you do not have to be afraid anymore. A breakthrough solution for your problems, has been developed. It is the result of many years of research including the world’s top specialists.

AsthmaMist is a spray, which should be used sublingual. The most important fact about it, is that it is made entirely of natural ingredients – no strange chemistry. Those ingredients have all been confirmed as being able to treat various elements of asthma symptoms. So that as a whole, AsthmaMist is able to provide brad therapy for all, who suffer from this disease. As a homeopathic product it includes over thirty ingredients which bring relief to all who suffer from asthma! Contrary to popular beliefs, homeopathic solutions such a AsthmaMist are entirely safe to use, as they are 100% natural and well tested. In case of AsthaMist the amount of safety tests by far exceeded the number of them performed in case of other products. This is important, because with AsthmaMist you have twice as much security as in case of other products from this category. Research backed up by independent experiments confirms, that the use of AsthmaMist can reduce the negative effect asthma has on you and does not cause any side-effects.

Asthmamist a safe and fully natural product, that will help you to reduce asthma symptoms.

Try AsthmaMist, the best, natural spray that will bring you relief in fighting this disease. You can reduce the symptoms of asthma by regular spraying of AsthmaMist. 2 sprays under the tongue done three times a day are enough to benefit from the synergetic effects of all the ingredients of AsthmaMist. One by one, they will be making your life better. Symptoms such as short breath, coughing and chest tightness, which are just a small part of all asthma symptoms, will not be a problem anymore. As different elements of AsthmaMist target different areas of Asthma, the whole therapy provides the most thorough and advanced solution for reducing asthma symptoms.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Concealing Acne


Acne is problem, that affects a lot of people all around the world.

It makes us look less attractive, in fact how are we supposed to look go when our skin is full of spots and blemishes. Treating acne can be a real pain. It usually involves the use of special treatments, visiting doctors and spending a lot of money on it. However, even though there are treatments which can work miracles with acne, they will never do this in an instant. It is simply impossible to remove acne in few minutes. Unless, you are using an acne concealer. Those product allows you to have immediate but temporary effects in removing the pimps and blemishes from your body. Such a feature is very important to all, who have to deal with acne. You don’t have to wait for the blemishes to disappear, you can make them go away in an instant.

What is an acne concealer?

Acne concealer is a product that is the best solution for all those, who suffer from acne. It allows you to hide the blemishes, so that your skin looks as if it has been never touched by acne. Acne concealers allow you to hide them as if you were using a camouflage. You don’t have to worry about your looks anymore. You good looks and comfort will be secured by the concealer. In fact those product are so popular among people that suffer from acne, that most major manufacturers from health and beauty branch already have such products on their list.
Are acne concealers easy to use?
Yes they are perfectly safe. Their composition is 100% safe to use, there aren’t any reports of negative side effects. You can use it with full confidence in their effects and the fact that they will not do you any harm.

Where to find acne concealers?

The great thing about acne concealers is that they are widely available, you can find them at your local  drug store, chemist, chain store or even at a grocery store. Those product are widely used therefore obtaining them should be a problem. If you cannot find them anywhere nearby of your home, you can still search for them on the internet.

What are the most important features of an acne concealer?

While choosing a product that will be responsible for helping you to hide your acne blemishes you should focus on the following criteria.
-          How long does it last? Typically acne concleares tend to work for about 8-12 hours. In this case the longer the better. You should use a product that will last long enough to allow you normal operation. We recommend testing a conclearer at home in order to see how does it cooperate with your skin. After a test or two you will know precisely for how long will a product work in your case. Remember that the skin is different depending on the person, there aren’t two identical acne problems. Therefore you have to remember that finding a solution that suits your need the best might take some time.
-          Does it also treat acne? Some acne concealers do not rely solely on hiding acne blemishes. They are acne treatments, that work while hiding acne blemishes from the public view. This is a win-win situation. Not only do you hide your acne problem, you also work on treating it.
-          How does it play with my skin. As it was already mentioned each of us is different. You should pay attention how does the cocealer work with your skin, is it visible? The aim is to find a concealer that will correspond your skin color in 100%. This might seem difficult but in order to achieve success it has to be done.

Are acne concealers safe?

Yes, they are perfectly safe to you. They cannot do you any harm. Plus, using them does not trigger any negative side effects. You can safely assume that they will do their job without any unpleasant surprises for the user.
How much do they cost?
They do not cost much, in fact you can get most of them for under 10 dollars, that’s a real bargain when compared to the cost of the popular acne treatments available. Of course you have to remember to choose only products from  a good source, only those product guarantee to hide your blemishes and to provide a lasting effect. You do not want your pimps to suddenly pop out of nowhere during an important moment?
So if suffer from acne and want to hide them from the world acne concealers are the thing that you need. There is no other product that will help you to get rid of acne problem in such a short time.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Prasouda Diet


The Prasouda Diet also known as Mediterranean diet is basically a set of rules on what foods should be consumed and what foods should be avoided at all costs.

This diet is actually more of a lifestyle, it extorts certain nutritional behaviors on those, who use it. As the name Mediterranean suggests the diet originated from this area. It is known for the effects it has on losing weight and the way it prevents diseases based on unhealthy diet. The average life expectancy in the societies of the south of Europeis relatively high, and the incidence of coronary heart disease, certain cancers and other ailments associated with defective nutrition - relatively low. While using the Mediterranean diet, you will consume large amounts of fruits and vegetables, groat, pasta, fish, seafood and whole-wheat bread. These foods are rich in fiber, vitamin C, micro-and macro-elements and unsaturated fatty acids. Pork must be completely ruled out of the daily menu. One should add a large number garlic and onion to meals and in case of salads, soups and sauces -olive oil should be used instead of butter and animal fat. In order to get rid of excess weight, eat 5 meals a day, providing the body with more than 40 grams of fat and a total 1,200kcal. What can you achieve by using this diet:
  • You can greatly expand your life expectancy, the healthy nutrients found in this diet will make you feel better. Eating more vegetables and less red meat will have a lasting impact on your health.
  • The developing lowers the risk of suffering from depression & psychologically related problems as it provides you with elements that are good for the body as well as for the mind.
  • Those, who use the Prasouda Diet are less prone to suffer from Parkinson’s disease, various cancers, Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Prasouda Diet has a great influence on fertility improvement.
  • You will soon notice that you are losing less hair as this diet prevents it from falling out.
  • This diet can also help in preventing asthma occurrence among children. It has been confirmed that children, who used this diet had less problems with diseases such as asthma.
  • The use of this diet also secures the reduction of the levels of bad cholesterol.
  • The Prasouda Diet secures that there are lesser levels of n-6 fatty acids in comparison to n-3 fatty acids, this is a proportion that is considered to be crucial in developing heart ailment.
  • This diet is extremely effective when it comes to losing weight. It can even make you lose
  • Lowering the blood pressure is yet another advantage of using the Prasouda Diet

Prasouda diet focuses on eating foods from the following categories:

  • Vegetables, fruits and legumes. You will consume a great deal of those, they are one of the main foods that are consumed in this diet.
  • Olive oil. This diet is very high in unrefined Olive oil as it used very often in case of salads and other meals. Unsurprisingly, though it is one of the most famous elements of the Mediterranean area and has been a vital part of that regions culture for a very long time.
  • Cereals are an important element of the Prasouda diet. They are eaten quite often.
  • There is a relatively high consumption of fish, when compared to the western countries. It should not be surprising as the people from the Mediterranean area are great fishermen since the time of ancient Greeks.
  • The Prasouda Diet does not include eating a lot of meat. This particular diet tends to avoid eating meat. Especially when it comes to red meat.
  • Dairy. Cheese and yogurt are very often consumed, in the Prasouda diet.
  • Wine can be an element of this diet. However we cannot forget that the amount of wine should be low, the kind of wine that was always used as a drink with a meal was diluted when compared to what we understand as modern wine.
  • Nuts. In case of the Prasouda diet they are considered to be one of the most often eaten snacks.
  • During the day one should also drink about two liters of mineral water or herbal teas.
This short summary of the Prasouda/Mediterranean diet should allow you to understand the general idea standing behind this diet. One has to bear in mind that this particular dietary lifestyle is the result of hundred year long nutritional development of the people inhabiting the Mediterranean area enhanced by modern dietary tips. Therefore the Prasouda diet is one of the best diets when it comes to healthiness and the effects it has on weight loss. If you want to lose some weight you should definitely try out this diet.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Aurislim Slimming Earring Review - Is this weight loss earring real or scam? part III


After 3 looooong months I finally updated my blog and this is a follow up on my aurislim review. If you already forgot, kindly check the previous posts for it.

I started using aurislim last march 22 of this year and today is june 23 and these are the results:

1. I lost a staggering 60+ lbs without changing my diet or increasing my exercise and activities
2. I felt better
3. My blood pressure normalizes (could be related to weight loss. 140/90 sometimes going dangerously higher before now 118/78)
4. I am sleeping 8 hours a day ever since I used this device.

This product is really wonderful and I am glad I tried it. Up to this day I am still using it. Below is my after picture.

The website claims are true and definitely this product is worth it. I guess the picture says it all.

I just want to warn people who will try to use aurislim not to drop the device. I accidentally dropped one pair and it has a crack. I ordered a new one around May. 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Aurislim Slimming Earring Review - Is this weight loss earring real or scam? part II


Slider 4Woaahh! It arrived already after 10 days. The product was shipped from Singapore and I am currently here in New York. I am sooooo excited. I opened the package and it is inside a pouch and i picked the heart design.

 The product is somewhat wood-stone like. I dont understand what materials did they used on making this one. Its a little bit rough just like a stone and very light like a wood. I took a picture so you can see it below.

So basically as I write this article I am wearing it. It is somewhat comfortable and a little bit warm and you can really feel something is going on. The moment I wore it I felt more at ease and relaxed. So far, that is the only thing I noticed about the product. I feel very calm, relaxed and somewhat on a good nice comfy mood.

My goal why I bought aurislim is for weight loss since I am a little bit overeweight. I took a picture of my before and we will see and I will update you guys about the result after 1 month or two.

Thats it! We will see if this thing really works after a few months. See yah then!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Aurislim Slimming Earring Review - Is this weight loss earring real or scam?


Bought this fancy aurislim earring online just to check if its really true.... it costs around 35 dollars and it has 1 year money back so I might as well try it there is nothing to lose.

The site says I need to wear it for like 3 weeks or so for 3 hours a day to see changes.

So what are the benefits?

According to their website using this will increase the metabolism and promotes weight loss, it also claims it can improve sleep, energy and cardiovascular health. I am a little bit skeptic but I might as well try it. I'll update you guys once it arrives and after using it.